website support and training

web support & training

we offer a comprehensive list of support packages for our CMS websites, apps and business systems, so you can receive the level of support you need.

offering you the level of web support & training you need

Training when you need it.

We will offer training for you and your teams to use the content management system (CMS) that sits behind your website. After the short online training session with one of the team that worked on your website, you'll be able to upload images, add pages and edit existing ones.

enjoy 30 days of free web support

With our HyperWatch warranty period, we offer your business total peace of mind from day 1 with 30 days support totally free of charge following the launch of your custom-built website, app or system.

This is to help us work through any potential teething problems and provide you with all the assistance you need to overcome them. 

This is an invaluable service for your new website, app or system, as certain bugs can appear as a result of third-party integrations like Google Maps, or are the result of certain browser updates, regardless of how much testing is done during development.

Once this period has passed, we will offer you the opportunity to enrol onto one of our support packages. We provide different levels of assistance within different pricing brackets to ensure we provide a support option that benefits everyone.

The b4b Help Centre

At b4b, we strive to answer your questions and resolve any issues you may be experiencing as quickly and accurately as possible.

Our online Help Centre is a cloud-based customer support solution that you can access 24/7 to create support tickets, suggest improvements and view the status of any open issues. You can raise a support request from the options provided.

From guaranteed response times to optimisation, we will have the right support package for your business. Feel free to call our web support team directly to discuss our packages today on 01202 684400.

"I really appreciate the support and now that I’ve been shown it all, I can see how easy the website is to use and I am in love with it. Very impressed."
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